Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Don't Do It! - Stop WASTE Now!

It's a simple thing to understand - Burn down Rainforests and destroy the land, Burn lots of Fossil Fuel, Fill up the land with Waste products and think nothing of throwing anything away on a whim and buying a replacement without a thought - What do you get? Overproduction and overindulgance - What does this produce? Lots of heat and heat retaining gases in the atmosphere - What does this result in? Warming of the atmosphere, what happens then? more water evaporation from the seas, land and rivers - And what does all this evaporation and extra heat do overall? it melts ice and makes more rain - and lots of it. This means more water in the seas, oceans, rivers and land, which means more surface area for water to evaporate and this leads to more rain resulting in more rain and more ice melting. So it's a complete cycle of catastrophe.

Nature always tries to reach a balance, that balance can be good for us or it can be bad for us. It does not matter to Nature how that balance is achieved or whether it benefits us or not. Trouble is that we are always throwing Nature out of balance and ultimately a point could come when, Nature in trying to restore her balance, ultimately destroys us. So you need to think before you waste and think hard before you indulge yourself. Just because you may have the money to do it, does not mean you have the right to waste. The cost of wasting a product is Much, Much higher than the cost of purchasing it.

The debate about whether Global Warming is man made or not isn't really a debate, it's a complete dead end. Why? Becuase, nobody can deny that Man's presence on Earth must have at least some effect(s). But it's clearly visible that this effect is a very large one when we see the Earth slowly being destroyed bit by bit by our actions. For example, when we see millions of sea dwelling animals dying on our TV screens as a direct result of an oil spill, we just know without a doubt that the oil spill caused the catastrophe right? Nobody debates whether or not the cause was related to the oil spill because we bloody well know that the oil spill caused it! So what's the difference when we pollute the air or the ground with our waste? Just becuase we cannot see the effect, doesn't mean that the effect does not exist. Of course the effect exists and it's a terrible one, with a terrible price at that!

Here is a link showing the change in water evaporation rates and the effects on climate change.

This is the Top of Mount Kilamanjaro in Kenya - Some say, the snow will only be visible for another 10 years, then it's gone.........

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